The quickest way to suffer in the elements is to go out in insufficient footwear and the quickest way to learn about effective footwear, is to spend one day in fashionable or trendy boots. I’m happy but somewhat apologetic to share that splurging on a pair of unattractive but well-insulated boots will improve your life in Petersburg tenfold.  

So look for mid- to high-calf boots with a waterproof exterior and a fleece or fur lined inside. They should go higher up than you ever expect to wade in water. You’ll want to size up at least an entire size so that you can layer wool socks beneath the boots. I suggest pull-on boots because they have fewer points of potential water entry than a comparable lace-up boot would offer. But before visiting or moving here, you may want to invest in two pairs – a wading pair and a walking pair. Wading boots often lack the ankle flexibility you’ll want if you’re going hiking or strolling while hiking boots lack the water protection offered by the wading boots. Get both! Your feet will thank you!