Pros & Cons

There are some great things about living in Petersburg and some things that took some more adjusting. The pros are pretty obvious: 

  1. People here tend to be pretty chill and laid back and easy to get along with. Many of us relocated here after growing tired of fast paced deadline oriented life, so we’re happy to be a cool little community. And many of us were born and raised here and were never prisoners of modern expectations. There’s a lot to learn from those people! That said – it’s a fairly homogenous population here. I’m native Hawaiian and definitely the most melanin-ed person I know personally.  
  1. Legal weed. Need I say more? 
  1. In the summer we have very long sunny days. It feels great to be so productive. However, the long dark cold nights of winter are their antidote. It does feel nice, as a mammal, to have a built-in hibernation period!  
  1. The isolation of living on a small island in Alaska is some days perfect and ideal and some days torture. Get ready to deal with both!